Marco Contreras

As your Assemblyman, I will serve our community by fighting to protect our unalienable rights and freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. I believe there is greatness on the inside of every human being and it is the job of every elected official to vote for policies that will help each person fulfill their own dreams and destiny.
Marco Contreras

PoliciesSave the American Dream

While I was born in San Diego, I was raised in Tijuana and had to cross the border each day to get to school. My whole life has been defined by being able to follow my dreams, from playing high school football in San Diego to being the first in my family to graduate from college. I know what it's like to start at the bottom, to struggle, to work, and start a successful business and I know there is no other place on Earth where my experience would be possible. This is the American Dream.

California used to be a great place to start a family and build a business but today, too many of our fellow Californians do not believe the American Dream is theirs to share. I will fight to get rid of unfair taxes and regulations so that California is a place where anyone is free to follow their dreams, creating job opportunities for those who need them most. I have seen the transformational power of giving people the dignity they deserve with a good paying job.

Reopen California Safely Using Science

The coronavirus pandemic took us all by surprise. 2020 was a hard year for everyone, and it put many people out of a job. After a year out of work, students and teachers out of the classroom, we cannot let this year be a repeat of the last. Our first priority is safely reopening California by following the science that tells us students and teachers can safely return to in-classroom instruction and businesses can operate safely again. The toll online learning is taking on our youngest students has many of them anxious, even depressed, vulnerable to exploitation and thoughts of suicide. There is considerable evidence they have fallen a full year behind developmentally. A widening achievement gap between students in well-off families and those less fortunate has only grown wider. As your Assemblyman I will fight to get our students back in school, safely, immediately. As more vaccines become available to Californians, I will work with partners at every level of government to make sure everyone who wants to be vaccinated will have the opportunity. We’ve learned what works, what clearly doesn’t, and we can responsibly turn the page from the lockdowns, shutdowns, and failures of the past year. It starts here in our community.

Keeping Communities Safe

We all want the safest communities to raise our families, and that means we need to better fund and train the police, not defund police departments. First responders are bearing the burden of society’s failures, dealing more with the mentally ill, violent criminals released early from prisons and jails, addicts, and the homeless. They didn’t ask for this, but they continue to put their lives on the line to protect and serve their communities. I will vote for policies that make first responders’ jobs easier by keeping violent criminals in jail and ensuring those who need hands-on help get it from social workers, medical professionals, and community centers. The way to address police use of force is to educate and train police officers so they can handle the situations they face calmly and effectively. I stand with our first responders and will always work with them to keep our communities safe.

Improving Public Schools

I was born in San Diego but raised in Tijuana because my parents couldn’t afford to raise me here. But they knew how important it was for me to go to school in America. I crossed the border each and every day to get to school and I vividly remember struggling to communicate through signs and smiles because I couldn’t speak English very well. I was the first in my family to graduate from college so I know the transformational power of a good education. Sadly, too many in our state don’t. California spends more on public education than any other state but has very little to show for it with near-bottom level scores in basic math and reading skills and a widening achieving gap between students in wealthier households and those less fortunate. This problems are many, but studies show the money is simply not spent on getting results in the classroom. Several fixes have been exploited or written with loopholes that keep specialized funding from reaching students in at-risk communities, like those learning English as a second language, and children struggling to learn basic skills. We need both more accountability for the funding that exists and more direction to get that funding to the students that need it most. We need to be able to sit down, Democrats and Republicans, listen and talk to each other to hammer out solutions that put students and teachers first.

Financially Sound Government

My wife and I married young and started a family while working paycheck-to-paycheck. I recall one night we had to dig through the couch cushions to find extra change to pay for a frozen meal we could share with our toddler. We planned and tried saving but there were many months when we knew we couldn’t make it. I had watched my mom start a successful business to help our family and so I followed her lead and built a successful logistics business myself. It wasn’t always easy but I learned the value of priorities. That’s not exactly how I would describe our state government. From billion dollar bullet trains that might never get built to the worst unemployment fraud in the country, our state government lacks vision and discipline. As your Assemblyman, I will be a voice for a financially sound and effective approach to government, a voice that wants you to keep more of the money you earn, and ensure taxpayers money is always spent wisely, with accountability and free from corruption. California has some of the worst roads and highways in the country, out-of-date water infrastructure, and industrial waste issues going back decades. The threat of climate change is evident in the wildfires we face each year and we are building the infrastructure of the future but we deserve a government that makes our priorities their priorities and makes sure taxpayer money isn’t wasted or diverted by special interests and pet projects. A government that is not working in the public interest is one that must be working in self-interest or for special interests, and ours a toxic mixture of both.
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