Marco Contreras

I’m running because I believe our community needs a new and effective approach to leadership. I want to be a voice in our government that stands for providing safety to our cities, a voice that stands for a financially sound approach to government, and a voice that stands for preserving the future and potential of our children by putting education first. I’m running to serve our community by fighting to protect our rights and freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. I’m running because I believe there is greatness on the inside of every human being and it is the job of every elected official to vote for policies that will help each person fulfill their own American Dream. I’m ready to fight for a better San Diego and a better California.
Marco Contreras

Marco's StoryThe Freedom to Dream


Marco Contreras has lived the American Dream and knows that there is no other place on the globe that would have allowed him to accomplish all that he has in life. He has experienced the goodness of our country, and our city, and he wants you and your kids to have the same experience. Marco was born in San Diego, but grew up across the border in Tijuana, Mexico. In high school, Marco pursued his dream of playing football in the United States and began crossing the border daily to attend Marian Catholic High School in San Diego. He vividly recalls not speaking English and communicating with his peers and teachers through signs and smiles.
After the tragic events of 9/11/01, the two-hour wait at the border turned into five hours. In order to continue his academics and athletics, Marco’s football coach took him in at the age of 17. Marco went on to play football for the University of San Diego and graduated with a degree in Economics. Marco is married to Natalie, his high school sweetheart, and they raise their two beautiful children in Chula Vista. Both Marco and Natalie are passionate about serving their community through their local church. The Contreras family is deeply committed to integrity, justice, and the higher calling of service to others. This is the foundation upon which they have built their entire life.
Marco knows what it’s like to start from nothing. After a memorable night, digging for change in the couch so they could buy a groceries to share with their toddler, Marco decided to start his own business. He looked to his own mother, who set an example by taking a small loan from her family and building a successful business in Mexico. In 2013, Marco launched Rancho Customs Brokers which has grown exponentially in the last 8 years and opened the door to broader business opportunities within the customs and logistics industry.
All of these experiences are why Marco fell in love with this great country and all that it stands for. While we see our neighbors falling into the trap of divisiveness, Marco knows there is a better way forward – at the root and foundation of our country there was and there still is unity.
There is greatness inside every human being, and Marco believes that is it the job of every elected official to fight for their community, so that every person can unleash the greatness necessary to fulfill their own American Dream. Integrity. Drive. Passion. For a Better San Diego. For a Better California. Marco Contreras for State Assembly.
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